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    The Lesson On Willpower

    The willpower response is a reaction to your internal conflicts. You want one thing like smoking but you know you shouldn’t. Or you know you have to do something like the gym but rather you do nothing instead. Your brain basically helps you take all the decisions and helps in regulating your mood as well. So it’s best that you feed your brain with good quality food so it has enough energy to do its job and get enough sleep as well. That’s one way you could improve your will power as well. You can say that the source of your willpower is your brain. we can say that willpower…

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    6 Steps to Better Reading

    Finding time for reading in a busy schedule can be tricky, and even if you do manage to fee up an hour of your day, remembering what you learned can be just as difficult. Follow these 6 steps to read faster, learn more, and better retain new knowledge.  Personalizedwhen you’re reading content, ask yourself what you want to learn from the content. When your reading content there are all sorts of information there. Try to find out how this information or what part of the content might help change your life in a better way. When you link things to your life, you will remember what you’re reading better! Zoom outsometimes your…