• How to overcome feeling of regret
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    How To Overcome The Feeling Of Guilt?

    Among all of the feelings in the world, the feeling of guilt affects you the most. Irrespective of the reason or the backstory of guilt feelings. It is not good at all. Guilt feelings arent good for your health. When you are suffering from the guilt feeling, you many not know why you are feeling regretful. Thus you start questioning over yourself. In most cases, the reasons are clear for guilt feelings. Yet you dont have an idea of how you should manage it. 5 Ways To Overcome The Guilt Feeling Accept the reality Life is too short. You cant go back in time and fix things. If your feeling…

  • A new entry
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    A New Entry

    The Wrong personChapter 2: A New Entry The story will explain a new entry of a character. This new entry will either be the hero or the villan of the story. Read further to know about him. If someone hasn’t read the first chapter, here it is: https://www.changetoevolve.com/short_stories/the-wrong-person-in-life/ After bumping into a guy and simply not even getting a chance to find out his name. I left every thought behind and went into the admission office. Since it was my first day, I was super excited and nervous at the same time. After all the paperwork, finally, I got my admission into the best fashion designing college. Samantha came to…

  • The wrong person
    Short Stories

    The Wrong Person

    Chapter 1: A New Beginning The SHORT story has a few chapters, yes it will be a love story but along with this, you will learn certain life lessons too. The story has been named as “The wrong person”. Here you will know after a few chapters who the wrong person really is. Till then keep reading guys! Holding your hand in mine, while feeling the cold breeze. The only thing I craved for at this moment was your warmth. I could feel your heartbeat while walking with you. Every moment with you was like a dream. Walking on the beach and hearing the waves with him was something I…

  • losing people
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    Why Are You Losing People

    Have you ever been in a place where you are being constantly criticized? And you are unable to gel with others. Do you always seem to say the wrong things to others? Has it even come into your minds that making wrong decisions might be the reason. Furthermore, it might be of the main reasons why other people react as they do?. You are always losing friends and people around you. Maybe its because of your actions. Sometimes you do things without thinking about the consequences. This is maybe why people act in the wrong way with you. This article will discuss a few common habits people have and how…

  • how can you improve your willpower
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    The Lesson On Willpower

    The willpower response is a reaction to your internal conflicts. You want one thing like smoking but you know you shouldn’t. Or you know you have to do something like the gym but rather you do nothing instead. Your brain basically helps you take all the decisions and helps in regulating your mood as well. So it’s best that you feed your brain with good quality food so it has enough energy to do its job and get enough sleep as well. That’s one way you could improve your will power as well. You can say that the source of your willpower is your brain. we can say that willpower…

  • Anxiety
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    6 Ways To Handle Anxiety Issues

    Living with anxiety is a huge problem with the young generation now. Especially when you are surrounded by people who dont take you seriously. People dont think that anxiety is a big deal. Often you face issues that you arent able to handle easily. And you try your best so that they just go away. During this journery, most of the people are at a lookout to find ways to get relive from this discomfort. In this journey, most of you tend to do everything in a hurry. Like skip breakfast, reach office late. But one thing you don’t realize is that while doing this you don’t give your mind…

  • How focus more in life
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    How To Focus More In Life

    Staying Focused In this fast paced world, there are distractions wherever we turn. People these days find it hard to complete a single five minute task without glancing at their phones every few seconds. Our attention span has decreased rapidly. We tend to lose our focus while doing something. Most people don’t have the attention span to read a book anymore because the distractions are too tempting. Nevertheless, there are some people who have mastered the art of staying focused on a specific task. This requires a lot of patience, self control and most importantly practice. We train our brain so that it doesn’t get bored with a specific task…

  • propose
    Short Stories

    The Lost Memory- A short story

    This is a short story about A girl who loses her memory and later decides for giving someone a second chance. Curious to know about who the person is. And why the girl lost her more. Read the story. My eyes slightly opened and I could see people standing around me. All of them were shouting out trying to call the doctor. My vision wasn’t clear enough to recognize anyone. Soon after a few minutes my vision started to get clear.  The doctor came into the room. He asked me plenty of questions related to my health conditions. I did feel a bit pain in my head. But yet I…

  • Inspirational quote

    Inspirational quotes- Henry Ford

    Henry Ford is the America’s foremost industrialists, a business magnate, the inventor of the Ford Model T car and the founder of Ford Motor Company. Ford had no love for the family farm so he started his journey by working as an apprentice machinist in Detroit. Because he put all his passion in what he was doing. Ford became an engineer at the Edison Illuminating Company, and after becoming chief engineer. He had enough money to focus on personal experiments. Thus, in 1903, Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company. He developed the assembly line mode of production, which had a huge impact on the industry. This led to selling…

  • learning new things
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    Learning New Things- A True Way To Excel In Life

    Do you know that most of the successful people you see today do not acquire a university degree? Well! You don’t have to be a mad scientist to achieve all the perks. Most of the self-made millionaires indeed have average intellectual sense. So what made them turn their “cants” into “cans”? Is it luck? Well, that’s not the only factor. But they all have one thing in common. And that’s an urge to learn more and more things. So, to succeed, you have to be willing to ask questions. You have to be consistent about getting new knowledge. After all, your wisdom helps you in getting most of the things…