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    Short Stories

    The Lost Memory- A short story

    This is a short story about A girl who loses her memory and later decides for giving someone a second chance. Curious to know about who the person is. And why the girl lost her more. Read the story. My eyes slightly opened and I could see people standing around me. All of them were shouting out trying to call the doctor. My vision wasn’t clear enough to recognize anyone. Soon after a few minutes my vision started to get clear.  The doctor came into the room. He asked me plenty of questions related to my health conditions. I did feel a bit pain in my head. But yet I…

  • Life Theories

    The Real Meaning Of Love

    A short description about love You might think that love can be done easily, but this is a misconception. People don’t actually understand what the real meaning of love really is. Being attracted towards someone, and liking them isn’t love, its just a simple attraction you might have with anyone you spend time with.   When you like someone and spend time with the person you consider you fell in love. You think that you have strong love feelings for that person that you might won’t be able to live without them but that’s not true.  Love is when two souls meet just to learn and grow into a better person.…