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    Short Stories

    The Lost Memory- A short story

    This is a short story about A girl who loses her memory and later decides for giving someone a second chance. Curious to know about who the person is. And why the girl lost her more. Read the story. My eyes slightly opened and I could see people standing around me. All of them were shouting out trying to call the doctor. My vision wasn’t clear enough to recognize anyone. Soon after a few minutes my vision started to get clear.  The doctor came into the room. He asked me plenty of questions related to my health conditions. I did feel a bit pain in my head. But yet I…

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    Reality of Life

    Short story on the reality of life It was a dark night. All I could hear was the sound of my clock and my heart beating. It wasn’t a positive sign. My heartbeat never rose this much. And I never felt butterflies in my stomach.  I think I knew what the reason was. I was nervous about the first day of my university. Yet, I was excited to having a new environment and new friends. But I was nervous about settling in.   I was new in town and I didn’t have any idea about the city and how things worked here. I didn’t know if I would be welcomed into…